Experience Requirements for Engineering Licensure

The Board of Examiners (BOE) places strong emphasis on:


Application of Theory

The application of theory in your respective discipline must include:

  • selecting solutions and solving problems
  • preparing and checking designs or interpretations
  • providing evidence of sound technical judgement and practices
  • demonstrating familiarity with the use and application of pertinent technologies, procedures, systems, and programs

Although your experience can include the collection and analysis of information and data, it should not be the major component of your experience.


Practical Experience

The practical experience must include:

  • being exposed to work-site operations
  • recognizing limitations in designs, interpretations or recommendations, and understanding the application of pertinent codes and regulations
  • understanding the interdependence of disciplines, systems, and activities, and developing working relationships

The BOE will consider increased technical competency and increasing levels of responsibility when evaluating your experience.