Defined Scope of Practice for Professional Licensees

A Professional Licensee is registered to practice engineering or geoscience within a Defined Scope of Practice (DSOP) and has all the authority, obligation, and liabilities of a professional member. A DSOP is a written description of an individual’s specific area of professional expertise. Your DSOP will define the limitations of your independent professional practice in engineering or geoscience.

A Defined Scope of Practice for a Professional Licensee in Engineering will only include engineering activities as defined in the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, while a one for a Professional Licensee in geoscience will only include geoscience activities as defined in the Act.

Read the definitions of engineering and geoscience activities 

Each activity included in your DSOP must be supported by a description of experience at a professional level and a supervisor reference.

Developing Your Scope of Practice with the Work Experience Record

The Work Experience Record spreadsheet includes a tab to detail the work tasks you have experience in. This information is used to populate the Scope Summary tab which contains your proposed scope of practice for the Board of Examiners to review.

Your proposed scope of practice should consist of the following:

  • Discipline of Practice
  • Field of Practice
  • Limitations within the field of practice
  • Scope Exclusions, if applicable

What is Expected in Each Field



Your discipline can be chosen from the drop-down menu of the DSOP WER Details Form.

For instrumentation applicants: There is no instrumentation engineering discipline recognized by the APEGA engineering syllabi. If you have been practicing instrumentation, you must pick a main discipline that best suits your engineering practice and specify instrumentation as the field of practice.

Field of Practice

Field of Practice is the subset of the discipline in which you wish to offer professional services and is the specific industry or area within which you have practiced engineering or geoscience.

If you are unsure as to your area of practice, please consult the person(s) who are current taking professional responsibility for your engineering work, as they will be attesting to your competence in the proposed field of practice.


Tasks make up your scope of practice, as indicated in the EGP Act. Please only select the tasks that apply to your scope by using the drop-down menu. You must select the task (licensing activity) starting from LA1. If applicable, you may choose more than one task that may apply to a single structure, work, or process.


Structure, Work, or Process

State the specific component or process that relates to the engineering or geoscience task(s) you are proposing for licensure. This section is not intended to be a long paragraph. Numerical limitations (such as voltage levels, pressure, building size, etc.) should be specified if applicable.


Exclusions are not required for all scopes. Typical exclusions can be numerical, code and standard specific, or descriptive.

Details of Work Performed

Only type in the space provided. Do not go past the cell limits. If you require more room on the form, please type in the next cell below. Failure to comply will result in lost information when converting your work record into PDF format.

In this section, your work should be written in first person explaining how you performed the task(s) that you have listed and how you used engineering or geoscience principles and theory to accomplish the task(s). Focus on technical details. 

Download the Professional Licensee Work Experience Record Guide (PDF) 

Download Scope of Practice Samples (PDF) 

Apply for a Change of Defined Scope of Practice

To apply for a new Defined Scope of Practice you must be a current Professional Licensee registered with APEGA, and you must have a minimum of 2 years of professional-level engineering or geoscience work experience in the new proposed scope under the direct supervision and control of a P.Eng. or P.Geo.

Please complete the following requirements and submit these to [email protected]

  • Complete the Request for Change in Defined Scope of Practice below
  • Complete a Work Experience Record worksheet in Excel, which includes a minimum of 2 years of professional level engineering or geoscience work in the new proposed defined scope. This work must have been performed under the direct control and supervision of a P.Eng. or P.Geo.

Download the Request for Change in Defined Scope of Practice (PDF)

Read about the Work Experience Record worksheets