Competency-Based Assessment Tool

The Competency-Based Assessment Tool (CBAT) is an electronic form designed to capture your understanding and achievement of the 22 key competencies required for registration as a Professional Engineer or Licensee.

When completing each page of the form, you will provide:

  • at least one situation in which you proved competency
  • several actions you took within the situation that support your competency
  • the outcome of your actions. This should include a basic summary of the solution, product, process, or other outcome of the situation and your actions

APEGA's Board of Examiners will assess your competence on the information you and your validators provide—and nothing else. Be sure to focus on your personal contributions to a situation and provide details about the decisions you made. You should write in first person ("I" statements instead of "we") to show ownership.


Watch the full Competency-Based Assessement playlist on YouTube 


Competencies are skills or knowledge that APEGA has identified as crucial to the professional practice of engineering. They are based on your decisions, behaviours, or applications of skill or knowledge, in response to different employment situations.

Each competency is evaluated against a score from 0 to 5.

  • 0 demonstrates no awareness for the competency
  • 5 shows a mature level of practice

You will assess yourself on each key competency. You must meet a minimum score of 1 on each key competency while also meeting the minimum overall average level for each competency category.

Please ensure you have gained sufficient experience and examples in each key competency before you start your application.


Indicators are generalized examples of skills or behaviours that illustrate how you may have achieved a given competency. The indicators provided by APEGA serve as a framework for you to determine which aspects of your work experience apply for each key competency. They can also highlight deficiencies you may have. Include specific details of your personal work experience for every competency. Do not copy and paste the generic indicators provided.


Once you have approved and submitted your CBAT, your validators will be contacted to complete a Validator Response Form (VRF) for each key competency validation you have assigned to them. They will provide their own ratings of your competencies on the same five-point scale you have used. They will also add comments they feel are necessary.

APEGA Experience Examiners

Each competency submission to APEGA is reviewed by experience examiners who are Professional Members. The experience examiners will review the applicant's employment history and demonstration of key competencies and will provide their recommendation of the applicant's readiness for registration to the Board of Examiners (BOE). APEGA's BOE is the decision-making body for all applications at APEGA.

Download the CBA Guide (PDF)