Work Experience Requirements for Engineering Applicants

Applicants for registration as a Professional Engineer must complete two forms to confirm their work experience: the Work Record Validator List (WRVL) and the Competency-Based Assessment Tool (CBAT). The WRVL measures the duration of an applicant's experience, while the CBAT captures the content.

The WRVL is used to confirm that you have obtained at least 48 months of professional-level engineering experience, as legally mandated by the EGP Act and General Regulations (Div. 5 13(1)(e)(i)). The WRVL may be referenced by a manager, Human Resources staff, or other person who can confirm your work chronology. This reference does not need to have in-depth technical knowledge of the work that you performed.

The CBAT is used to confirm that you have achieved proficiency in the 22 competencies and indicators required for registration as a Professional Engineer. You can provide multiple indicators to support each competency. Each competency must also be validated by a professional member or senior practitioner who took technical responsibility for your work and witnessed you perform the specified indicators.

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Engineering applicants applying for a P.Eng. or Licensee licence can use a competency self-assessment worksheet (CSAW) to compare their competencies with APEGA's minimum requirements. This will help them determine whether they should continue their application or wait until CBA is implemented.

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A YouTube playlist has been put together with visual information on using the CBA Tool

The Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Application Process

  1. After you have created a myAPEGA account and uploaded the required information you will then begin to enter your work experience in the online forms (Step 5) of the application process 
  2. Complete the Competency Self-Assessment Worksheet to verify you meet all of APEGA's competency requirements.
    • If you do not meet the requirements, stop your application. You can return to your application within 90 days if you are able to fill the missing gaps in your work experience. After 90 days, the application will be deleted, but you are welcome to start a new one once you meet all requirements.
  3. Complete the Work Record Validator List (WRVL) and Competency-Based Assessment Tool (CBAT), and click the Submit button.
  4. You'll receive an email from APEGA with instructions on how to complete payment of your application fee.
  5. After paying the application fee, you must return to the application to review it and click submit again to confirm that you have completed all requirements.
    • Even after clicking the Submit button a second time, you can still revise your CBA information until APEGA receives a response from any of your references or validators. Once we receive a response, your application is locked against further revisions.
  6. After you've clicked the Submit button the second time, the application system will automatically send emails to your references and validators to complete their respective questionnaires and forms.
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    • References will receive the Modified Reference Questionnaire (MRefQ), and validators will receive the Validator Response Form (VRF) followed by the Validator Overall Reference Form (VORF).
    • All references and validators must respond to all emails sent to them for your application to continue. It is your responsibility to follow-up with them to make sure they have done so.
  8. Once all responses have been completed and received, APEGA's staff will check the application. If it contains no issues or errors, the application will be processed.
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