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All prospective members of APEGA must have at least the equivalent of a Canadian four-year undergraduate degree in engineering or geoscience. Professional certifications and on-site training cannot be used towards this requirement.

For some basic guidelines regarding the acceptability of certain academic programs, please consult our list of acceptable course equivalents and syllabi, as well as the World Education Services (WES) Degree Equivalency Tool. Please note that the final review of academic documents is done by APEGA’s Board of Examiners (BOE), and it is the BOE that ultimately determines their depth, breadth, and acceptability.

Canadian Academics

For post-secondary degrees obtained at a Canadian university, APEGA requires official sealed and/or stamped physical copies, which must be sent to APEGA from your university. Documents may also be accepted directly from the applicant if they are still sealed by the university and have not been opened.

For Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) accredited degree programs, APEGA will accept either a degree confirmation or a transcript. For non-CEAB and geoscience programs, APEGA requires a full transcript and transcripts for any transfer courses applied towards the degree(s).

Your application will be updated from the receipt of the documents at APEGA’s Edmonton office. This may take up to three weeks.

International Academics

If your post-secondary degrees are from a university outside of Canada, you must obtain an academic assessment of your academic records.  

APEGA uses World Education Services(WES) to obtain an academic credential evaluation report. WES is an academic-assessment agency designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to provide educational credential assessments for degrees earned outside of Canada. WES is the only academic-assessment agency recognized by APEGA.

Obtaining a WES Report

After registering with APEGA and receiving an ID number, you will be directed to the WES website to continue the application process. Please follow the instructions provided by WES. WES will send the completed evaluation report to APEGA digitally. Physical copies will not be accepted.

If you already have an evaluation report from WES, you may need to upgrade that report to the WES International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP). You must provide your APEGA ID to WES when requesting a report upgrade.