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Academic Assessments

If your post-secondary degrees are from a university outside of Canada, you must obtain an academic assessment of your academic records.  

APEGA uses World Education Services (WES) to obtain an academic credential evaluation report. WES provides this report to APEGA, which we will consider as part of your application. The WES report is one of the tools APEGA uses to academically assess your application for licensure.

WES is an academic-assessment agency designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to provide educational credential assessments for degrees earned outside of Canada.

Obtaining a WES Report

After registering with APEGA and receiving an ID number, you will be directed to the WES website to continue the application process. Please follow the instructions provided by WES. WES will send the completed evaluation report to APEGA.

If you already have an evaluation report from WES, you may only need to upgrade that report to the WES International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) course-by-course report. An ICAP report includes your evaluation report plus verified transcripts for delivery to APEGA. You must provide your APEGA ID to WES when requesting a report upgrade.

If You Applied BEFORE January 14, 2016

If your application has already had an academic review, your application will be completed using the previous (non-WES) process.

If your application has not yet received an academic review, you can add a WES evaluation report to your application, if you prefer. First, contact APEGA to pause your application. Then, contact WES to request a WES ICAP report. APEGA will not charge you a resubmission fee. If you do not wish to add a WES report to your application, you do not need to take any action.

You may check the status of your application by logging into the Member Self-Service Centre

Deferred Applications

If APEGA deferred your application because of academic deficiencies, you may request a reconsideration or reassessment of your application by submitting a WES-ICAP report for evaluation. There is no guarantee that this will result in a better outcome. APEGA will charge you a resubmission fee. APEGA will hold all resubmitted applications with a WES evaluation until March 2016.

If you were assigned the Fundamentals of Engineering exam or the Fundamentals of Geoscience exam to confirm your undergraduate education, a WES report will not change that result.