Are You Hiring an Engineering or Geoscience Company? Ask to See Its PPMP

Companies practising engineering or geoscience in Alberta that are permit holders with APEGA must maintain a Professional Practice Management Plan, or PPMP, as part of their Permit to Practice.

PPMPs describe the policies, procedures, and systems a company follows to ensure engineering or geoscience work done on its behalf is done safely and responsibly.

PPMPs are required under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act.

If your municipality or county is hiring an engineering or geoscience company, ask to see its PPMP. The PPMP helps you evaluate the company’s engineering or geoscience capabilities and whether they align with your project.

How a PPMP Helps You Select the Right Engineering or Geoscience Company

PPMPs vary in detail and content, depending on the size of a company. They contain the following helpful information about a company:

  • Area of practice, such as:
    • sewage or water treatment
    • roads
    • buildings
    • power systems
    • resource mapping
  • Description of professional and technical resources and capabilities
  • Overview of quality management system ensuring:
    • adequate supervision and control of all engineering or geoscience work
    • work is done competently and with due diligence
  • Written commitment to the standards of professional conduct in the APEGA Code of Ethics
  • Policies and procedures for reviewing and authenticating work, ensuring safety, regulatory, and due diligence issues are addressed
  • Project management policies and procedures