APEGA Career Opportunity: 

Professional Practice Standards Advisor

Full-time, Permanent
Location: Edmonton
Competition #22-38

Want to be part of a team that makes a difference? Come be part of the change.

Since 1920, APEGA has been regulating the practices of engineering and geoscience to serve the public interest in Alberta.

We are looking for energetic individuals who thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging environment. You need to be committed to serving the community with integrity, accountability, and innovation, and have a desire to deliver exceptional service. If you reflect these values, have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make a difference through your work, and are passionate about acting in the best interest of public safety – then come be a part of our diverse team!

Together we can help shape the present and future practices of professional engineers and geoscientists of Alberta.

Position Summary

Reporting to the Professional Practice Standards Manager, the Professional Practice Standards Advisor is responsible to develop, maintain, and revise APEGA’s professional practice standards, guidelines, and bulletins.

As a professional practice ambassador of APEGA, you are a principal advisor to all stakeholders - the public, licensed professionals, and permit holders. Focused on ensuring the public interest is protected, and that APEGA earns and maintains the confidence of its membership and the public, the Professional Practice Standards Advisor assists Staff, APEGA Statutory Boards and Committees, and Council to exercise self-regulation by providing guidance and advice on practice standards, guidelines, and bulletins, as well as the practice standards development process.

In addition, the Professional Practice Standards Advisor is a "subject matter expert" on the practice of engineering and geoscience within Alberta and nationally, providing support to the Manager, Practice Standards, Director, Professional Practice, the Practice Review Board (PRB) and its subcommittees, including the Practice Standards Subcommittee (PSSC) and its subject matter expert panels, to provide updates and professional practice expertise and advice as required.


  • Developing and executing APEGA’s professional standards development and maintenance program
  • Providing developmental reports and updates to the Practice Review Board (PRB)  
  • Coordinating and controlling the professional practice seminars related to the consultation, implementation, or continuing education of APEGA professional practice standards, guidelines, or bulletins
  • Advising the Manager, Practice Standards, Director, Professional Practice, and Executive Leadership of professional practice trends that may require practice standards development resources
  • Supporting other regulatory functions such as legislative interpretation and implementation, licensing, investigations, or enforcement in issues related to the assessment of professional conduct and skilled practice of licensed professionals
  • Supporting volunteer management for all Professional Practice volunteers
  • Planning and executing practice standards development to meet annual goals set by the Manager, Practice Standards and Director, Professional Practice as coordinated with the Chief Regulatory Officer
  • Providing recommendations on practice standards, guidelines, or bulletins that must be developed or revised to allow licensed professionals and permit holders to practice ethically and competently
  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining policies and processes for initiating, executing, and finalizing practice standards development and maintenance
  • Developing and managing professional practice databases to allow progress reporting that will allow successful follow up action and assist performance measurement and KPI development
  • Developing and maintaining tools, templates, and standardized messaging to ensure consistent execution of the practice standards development program, and communication on progress to all stakeholders
  • Provide recommendations, updates, and support to the Practice Standards Subcommittee (PSSC), its subject matter expert panels and working groups, and others to facilitate timely practice standards development.
  • Ensuring APEGA is a definitive source of advice and information regarding the professional and ethical aspects of the practice of engineering and geoscience
  • Providing timely and well researched responses to any questions or inquiries from the public, permit holders, or licensed professionals on the practice of engineering and geoscience particularly related to practice standards, bulletins, and guidelines
  • Providing excellent customer service that reflects positively on APEGA
  • Review content of other APEGA stakeholders to ensure alignment with practice standards, guidelines, or bulletins
  • Provide recommendations, updates, and support to the Practice Review Board (PRB) and its subcommittees to facilitate timely professional practice decisions.

Competencies, Skills & Attributes

  • Sound familiarity with engineering and/or geoscience practice requirements across several industry sectors or disciplines, as well experience in an operating or consulting role 
  • Strong knowledge of shaping standards – leading and facilitating the process of reaching consensus among experts
  • Knowledge of the principles of self-regulation and the legislated authorities of regulators, especially those related to APEGA (EGP Act, General Regulation, Bylaws and APEGA standards and bulletins)
  • Working knowledge of the responsibilities and duties of other business areas in APEGA
  • Working knowledge of the professional standards and guidelines resources available from other Regulators provincially and nationally
  • Familiarity with other legislation that affects APEGA (OHS, PIPA, PIPEDA, FOIP, Alberta Building Code, etc.)
  • Awareness of how international regulatory bodies work and compare with Canadian regulatory systems
  • Uses influence to lead multidisciplinary groups to develop achievable solutions to complex problems. Understands that one of the traits of good leadership is to know when to be a good follower
  • Able to transition between critical thinking and lateral thinking. Critical thinking focuses on judging the true value of statements and seeking errors; lateral thinking is more concerned moving from one known idea to creating innovative ideas
  • Able to read situations and people accurately, developing options for mutual benefit
  • Ability to question the status quo and look for behaviors that may identify patterns
  • Understands the organization’s strategy, objectives, and goals, and aligns individual effort accordingly
  • Possesses a strong ethical compass founded on honesty, integrity, empathy, fairness, dedication, responsibility, and accountability
  • Driven and able to independently identify areas that require attention 
  • Possesses a strong ability to build professional and productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, knowing how best to influence and enable others
  • Able to manage change and transition, and able to work with diverse groups of people in diverse environments
  • Able to execute tasks with tact and subtlety in accordance with the situation
  • Contributes and understands that team success is more important than individual success and is committed to sharing strengths with teammates at all levels
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn from others
  • Able to manage confidential information appropriately, understanding that professional reputations and credibility are important commodities
  • Possess strong conflict resolution and negotiation skills, adept at identifying win/win solutions. Practical and innovative problem-solving skills
  • High attention to detail and accuracy
  • Proven skills in communicating ideas, providing recommendations, project, and process concepts both verbal and written
  • Strong customer service skills that create a positive interaction for all stakeholders
  • Understands that technology can make their job easier. Searches for ways to integrate technology into their work and seeks opportunities for improving overall operations through the innovative use of emerging technology and new software
  • Strong research, analysis, and writing skills – ability to gather a diverse literature and concretely extract and process information to apply to solve the problem at hand


  • Professional engineer or geoscientist registered with APEGA or eligible for membership in APEGA
  • 10+ years of broad engineering- or geoscience-related experience
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have worked in environments working with legislation, regulations, or where policies or rules govern practice apply

How to Apply

Closing Date: Until successful candidate is found.

We acknowledge all candidates working in their area of expertise may build their knowledge, skills, and competencies in several ways. We welcome candidates from a breadth of backgrounds, who may have equivalent skills and competencies to the ones listed above. There may be APEGA positions posted that have specific regulatory requirements, and in keeping with those requirements, APEGA will follow the guidelines that we are bound by. All candidates are considered with the objective to enhance APEGA’s people and culture.

APEGA’s Vaccination policy and protocol is currently suspended requiring agency contractors and staff to be fully vaccinated and required to show proof of vaccination. This policy and protocol may be reinstated at any time in alignment with public health measures.

If you are interested in this position, please submit your cover letter and resume, including your salary expectations, as one pdf document (file name: LastName_FirstName.pdf) to the People Experience Team at [email protected].

Please note, each submission needs to clearly indicate the competition number of the position you are applying for. If you are submitting a resume for multiple positions, please ensure you send a separate submission for each competition.

Thank you for your interest in APEGA.
Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

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